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Contact Bruce and Marsha at bruce (dot) batchelor (at) gmail (dot) com with your comments and questions. They'd love to hear from you.

Also check Bruce's author profile page at Agio Publishing for news about the publishing of this "instant classic".

Bruce interviewed on CBC radio Whitehorse on Wednesday December 10th, by Russ Knutson

Listen to this 25-minute interview broadcast across the North on CBC radio just before Christmas. Click here to listen!

Rutstrum Wilderness Trust judge selects Nine Dog Winter to compete for prestigious award

A request from the Rutstrum Wilderness Trust: "The Rutstrum Wilderness Trust will like to consider Nine Dog Winter for the 2010 Rutstrum Author's Award. This award is made every five years to the author of the book that the trust's panel of award judges deems to be the most significant environmental or wilderness book published during the preceding 5-year period."

Yikes, does that mean I'm competing with Al Gore and Greenpeace? Wow! It is a real honour to be asked to participate. Apparently one of the judges ("a panel of professional writers in the United States and Canada") has suggested Nine Dog Winter for consideration. Thanks! loves our book! Here's editor Theresa Daily's front page review:

New adventure book, just in time for Christmas!

Nine Dog Winter by Bruce T. Batchelor is a wonderful true story about 2 crazy Canadians venturing out into the northern backcountry, to, of all things, learn to mush and survive on their own. Gathering up a questionable team of nine huskies, salvage gear, and a stack of food supplies, they set off to live a dream out exploring the back country of Canada, sometimes learning the hard way how tough mother nature can be.

You'll laugh out loud, you'll learn some simple outdoor skills and you might even cry at times. A good book to sit by the fire and read cover to cover. Nine Dog Winter will earn a spot on any book shelf!

To order your copy click here. You will love it!

Thanks to Theresa for that great publicity. She emailed me to say that her favorite 'how-to' was the instructions for making 'dead-sweater mitts'.

Hey, Nine Dog Winter is featured on the front page of Check it out. Thanks, Barb and Rick!

Free - read sample chapters - click here for a PDF file. Happy Reading!


Vancouver Sun takes notice! Refers to Nine Dog Winter as 'Yukon Gold'

September 6, 2008 -- In an Arts & Life section article, the Vancouver Sun called Nine Dog Winter 'Yukon Gold'. The reviewer explained, "It's about their early-1980s experience re-creating the classic Yukon pioneer lifestyle with nine mismatched sled dogs. An advance review pronounced it 'an instant classic about Canada's North.' " There was a nice colour photo too. Thanks, Vancouver Sun, for spreading the word.


These doggies are selling quickly in the Yukon

September 4, 2008 -- The first shipment of NINE DOG WINTER books have sold quickly so more are en route to Mac's Fireweed Bookstore in Whitehorse. Mac's is sending some copies to Dawson and other communities. Promotional copies have been sent to the Yukon News and Whitehorse Star -- we hope their reviews will appear soon. Thanks to everyone for spreading the word. Sales through and other e-commerce websites have also started.


Nine Dog Winter is now available

Bruce Batchelor

August 14, 2008 -- The first copies of Nine Dog Winter, Bruce Batchelor's long-awaited account of cabin life and camping with sled dogs, are en route to Mac's Fireweed Bookstore in Whitehorse. and its international websites can ship copies to customers around the world, within 24 hours of order.

"Nine Dog Winter is a real page turner," says reviewer David Pettigrew. "I couldn't wait to see what was around the next bend in the trail as I raced through this delightful read. An instant classic about Canada's North as experienced by two plucky southerners."

Nine Dog Winter: Winter camping with sled dogs in Canada's Yukon by Bruce T. Batchelor is a true story, about two young Canadians who recruit nine mismatched huskies, and head out camping in the Yukon as the temperature plunges to Sixty-Eight Below.

Follow this 1980-'81 winter adventure of a young couple intent on recreating the classic Yukon pioneer lifestyle. The 355-page book is well illustrated with photos and drawings, and includes diagrams and complete instructions for building toboggans, harnesses, moccasins and other traditional winter camping equipment.

During his travels in the Yukon in the 1970s and early 1980s, Batchelor gathered hundreds of tips from native and white trappers, pioneers and others who live and thrive in the Northern bush. Some of his discoveries were published in the national bestselling The Lost Whole Moose Catalogue which Batchelor spearheaded in 1978. His new book has 11 appendices chockfull of bush living how-to.

About the author BRUCE BATCHELOR: Though he'd lived in the Yukon for five years, the author's unfulfilled dream was to spend a winter in a remote wilderness cabin with a woman he loved, training dog teams and making long expeditions. When he teamed up with backcountry ranger Marsha McGillis in 1980, the (mis)adventures could begin!

Bruce Batchelor came to the Yukon in 1973, planning to stay just long enough to earn money for a trip to Europe. Instead, he fell in love with the wilderness and its people, and stayed for most of the next eight years. He has written three books about his stay in the North. Marsha McGillis, heroine of Nine Dog Winter, agreed to marry him in 1983. Their son, Dan, was born in 1992. They live in Victoria, BC, with a white lab-husky cross named Tyhee Too in honour of the Tyhee in this story. Bruce and Marsha own Agio Publishing House, where he edits and directs marketing, while Marsha designs the books and Dan takes photos.


Read the press release as a PDF file. Click here to download it. Pass it on! Thanks.

Want to see some of the diagrams from the appendix on building your own freight toboggan? See photos of some old-time mounted police dog teams? And read an account of the first trip using a brand new toboggan -- with a brand new musher? Hang on to your toque! Click here.

Armchair Adventure at its Best

By Kevin Gray "Happyhubby" (UK)

A fantastic read and very difficult to put down at times. A facinating insight into one couple's dream to live in the simple and harsh life of winter in a trapper's cabin.


"True Love and Pure Fright!"

JJ Gunn Writes About "NINE DOG WINTER" by Bruce Batchelor

On the way to the grocery store I caught up with a man with a shaggy mutt on a leash. He nodded and I said, "Good morning" to him and "Hi, Dog" to his multi, 1/2-Shepard/ 1/2-Something else. The man said, "His name is Rags."

I said, "I just finished a book about dogs like him," pointing to Rags. "It was called Nine Dog Winter, about a couple who went up to the Yukon, acquired 9 dogs that nobody else wanted bad enough to keep and just had a great time at 45 below zero, teaching them to be a team. They made all their own stuff, sleds, beds, harnesses, mittens, tools, heaters, boilers and freight toboggans."

I told him about Batchelor's talent for bringing the Yukon River country between Whitehorse and Dawson City to life, my life. The moon illuminated the river valley with blue light, making the scene glow with a romantic, gentle softness, the patches of snow and angled ice reflected the brilliance in an iridescent array of colour, the hues of the evergreens and the metallic sheen on the basalt cliffs, all of it a magical tableau.

Adventure? That too, a murder, a dangerous river ice breakup, Tyhee and Casey get torn up by a Grizzly (they live). Plenty of excitement to keep you turning pages instead of putting the book down.

In Chapter One there's plenty of reference to the man's Heater, who by Chapter 45 turns out to be accepted by the happy reader as the man's Love. The book is bursting with love. People with each other. People with dogs. Dogs with people. Everybody with the outdoors. And, you and me with "Nine Dog Winter".

Batchelor is a yarn-spinner and a poet, a Gentle Man who can dish it out and take it. I enjoyed, very much, being with him and his lovely, tough lady. And, of course, the other nine.

-- Johnny Gunn, Morro Bay, California


Dog lover's review, Nov 7 2008

By Nora and Russ "dog lovers" (Chilliwack, BC)

If you love dogs, you'll enjoy this book. What an adventure to take on 8 untrained dogs, make your own harnesses, sleds, buy food, all with very little money. You'll laugh alot at the mishaps, worry that things will work out, and won't be able to stop reading until you get to the end. There is a happy ending (I almost teared up!) and it's a good clean book for any age group. I'm buying it for Christmas presents.


Batchelor did it again

With Nine Dog Winter, Batchelor has done it again. A fascinating story and a great read. We recommend it highly. 5 stars.

-- Ellen and Arnold Reisman

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